Motta is not thinking about the Champions League.

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Thiago Motta Bologna’s trainer, confirmed that he is not currently thinking about getting into the top four to play in the UEFA Champions League next season after the team has shown good form continuously.

    The Rosso Blues won six league games in a row for the first time since the 1960s after defeating Atalanta 2-1, leaving them firmly in fourth place with 56 points. 27 games, moved away from Roma by 4 points. ทางเข้า ufabet

    In this game, Motta surprised by substituting midfielder Riccardo Orsolini at half-time as the team fell behind, but Alexis Saelemaekers did his excellent job.

    “I don’t think substitutions are the only reason. It was a very complex game against a team that is used to playing at this level,” Motta told UFABET.

    “We were there and made the most of our opportunity to get a good win. When Saelemaekers came out with this attitude. He brings something special to the pitch, Ndoi and others can play on the left. But he has something special.”

    “however I don’t like it when he falls.”

    As for the possibility of playing in the UEFA Champions League next season. Motta said: “I’m not even thinking about the Champions League. I’m focused on the results. Practicing and being ready to meet opponents every game to the best of our ability.”