Arteta responds after media asks about Rio’s comments.

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Arsenal boss Miguel Arteta has responded to the media about Rio Ferdinand’s comments that he would have accepted the Manchester United job had he not been contacted, saying he was not annoyed. or what But I would like all the gurus to express their opinions in a constructive way.

    The former “Red Devils” defender spoke during a show on his own Five YouTube channel by claiming that Arteta would definitely take over at United if approached, speaking in an attempt to poke fun at Arsenal fans. Joel who joined the program. ทางเข้า ufabet

    Arteta insists the comments were not offensive. But he emphasizes the need to act as a guru in a ”positive” rather than a ”negative” perspective.

    “No, I think it’s part of our job to be open with the media and the pundits,” Arteta said. “They have their opinions. The only thing is that it usually emphasizes the bad things.”

    “So we emphasize a lot of times when they talk about great things. Great comments and points made. analyze things In a really nice way and with the vision of someone with experience”

    “I think if we did that it would be a lot better. But sometimes we focus too much on the negative.”